Ventilated facades

Nowadays, building facades often have to be sophisticated and simple at the same time. The exterior part of the building should protect its interior, prevent heat loss and ensure necessary airtightness. At the same time, the facade should meet aesthetic requirements and make the building fit well in the surrounding environment.

Significant increase of interest in ventilated facades has been noticeable over the past ten years. These are facade systems with an air gap (ventilation), located between a thermal insulation layer and cladding, in which air circulates to prevent dampening of insulation.

Advantages of ventilated facades:

  • prevents interior condensation
  • thermal insulation
  • cooling effect in summer
  • absence of thermal bridges
  • slight deviations in humidity and temperature in supporting structure
  • fire protection
  • fixed dimensions of cladding material
  • wide choice of supporting structures

We specialise in ventilated facades.

For their construction we use, e.g. HPL, fibre cement and composite boards, and other materials available on the market. Constructions, which were checked numerous times, and implementation of systemic solutions enables us to deliver the best quality product. We want to fulfil the needs of the most demanding clients in a perfect way by developing projects in line with the most recent engineering knowledge and innovative technologies, while complying with OHS rules.